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Oh that darn – Ego

Sometimes ego gets in the way. Such as when we know the right thing to do and say, but are unwilling to do so because of ego. This isn’t about conforming so that we don’t rock the boat; rather, this is about taking a stand and standing for what you believe, in-spite…

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Great Expectations – Not Really

There I was on the stage double checking my presentation materials.  Out of the corner of my eye, I notice an older gentleman perhaps in his early seventies enter the venue. He looked as though he might be in distress and  I could see from a distance he  was emotional.  He had…

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Noise was my Chocolate; what’s Yours?

I distinctly remember a time when I was proud of the fact that I could multitask in the nosiest of situations.  I would pride myself for being able to read a book while the TV was blaring, my children were playing rambunctiously down the hall and the dog was barking while chasing…

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Women Of Courage

What an honor to be interviewed by Anne Miner on Women of Courage. Jo Dibblee is author of recently released, Amazon best seller, “Frock Off! Living undisguised”. During this episode she shares her story of tragedy and triumph, of living in fear and hiding … Women of Courage interview  

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Canada AM CTV asks Jo Dibblee “What is a Frock?”

This morning the air outside is brisk (-20) and yet I feel such warmth; that can only be described as inside out. The sunlight is reflecting off the ice crystals, providing a kaleidoscope of colors. As I sit at the table slathering my French toast with butter (lots of butter) and drizzled…

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Susan was only 12. Calgary Sun shares the story.

I don’t think it will ever be easy for me to talk about Susan. How can it be,she was only 12 when he took her life. At times the guilt of having lived was overwhelming. What if I had just screamed louder, or kept telling the police – would Susan be alive?…

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Freedom after 35 years of hiding. CTV Calgary shares the story of Frock Off!

For years I felt as though I was chained by the past, the fears and the shame. I am so grateful to CTV Calgary for the time and sharing the story. Being able to be a voice for Susan and myself after years of silence and hiding is so freeing. Kathy Lee…

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The Loop Media extended video interview

      Kathy Lee extended interview  to watch the interview  click here Video interview on The Loop For Susan

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Old Murder Focus of New Book

  It has been many years since Jo Dibblee was sexually assaulted as a teen by a Penticton man. But that experience and those that  followed, including the death of a young girl at the hands of the same man, have long haunted the Calgary author. They are all recounted in her…

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In ‘Frock Off’ the book, sexual assault victim recounts decades in hiding

As I shared my story I realized this was it. there was no more need to hide… the following is an excerpt from the article. Jo-Ann Dibblee lived in hiding for decades. She took on different names, changed her hairstyle and wore clothes that didn’t fit her to elude a man she…

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Penticton Herald tells the story after 35 years!

For years I felt like a caged bird. I was afraid to tell anyone what had happened those many years ago. What if he found me and finished the job. He forever changed my life and many others. Worse he took Susan’s life and she was only twelve.  Finally the story is…

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