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Jo Dibblee was her mother’s first born and her father’s tenth. Born in Fort St. John, British Columbia, she grew up on the move, primarily, in the Okanagan, with the majority of her childhood being spent in Hedley. What seemed “normal” to Jo was far from normal. Yet it was her experience: Her normal.

joannvacing2Her ability to rise above situation-after-situation throughout her life only serves to prove she is a scrappy fighter. She is described as fiercely loyal, quick, optimistic, driven, persistent, determined and philanthropic. She has an uncanny ability to compartmentalize, and see the good in others.

She graduated from Douglas College in New Westminster, British Columbia with two Diplomas. She worked in Corporate Canada for twenty plus years. Finally in 2001 she finally embraced her true passion entrepreneurialism. Awarded locally throughout her career and Internationally as a Entrepreneur on multiple occasions Jo is dedicated to serving others.

All the while being careful not to share her secrets or remove her frocks that kept her safe.

Jo is a; Wife, Mother, Grandmother and Aunt. Her passions include: family, friends, cycling, kick boxing, running and travel. She believes life is to be lived full on.


“If you want to learn to free your true self and live life to its fullest potential, this book is for you.  It is both tragic and triumphant.  Frock Off will break your heart and then put it back together again.  An inspiring must read for truth seekers and those ready to quit letting their past define them” – Hyrum Smith Co-founder of Franklin Covey

Frock Off is a memoir about the power of blind optimism in the face of adversity, abject poverty, tragedy, neglect, rejection, assault and betrayal.
Frock Off

About the Author Jo Dibblee was her mother’s first born and her father’s tenth. Born in Fort St., John British Columbia, she grew up on the move...
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Community & Causes Our mission is to ensure we impact our community by creating a safe place to remove frocks and live the life intended.

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