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If you want to learn to free your true self and live life to its fullest potential, this book is for you. It is both tragic and triumphant. Frock Off will break your heart and then put it back together again. An inspiring must read for truth seekers and those ready to quit letting their past define them.
- Hyrum Smith, Co-Founder of Franklin Covey
A lot of books inspire us, but few will deeply move you like Jo Vacing’s tenacious voice for internal freedom. You’ll cry, get angry and cheer our heroine on, only to discover it was YOU, the reader, who needed to cry, get angry and cheer YOURSELF on. These words of courageous expression will have you shouting FROCK OFF, often! I highly recommend.
- Shawne Duperon, 6-Time EMMY Winner, Media Coach & Trainer, Communications Keynote Speaker
Heart wrenching, courageous, uplifting – a triumph! Jo Dibblee’s candid and inspirational account of her life gives a voice to all victims and survivors of abuse and neglect. No matter what your circumstance in life, Frock Off will liberate you and give you the strength to face life full-on with clarity and celebration.
- Teresa Kruze, Broadcaster, International Speaker, and Author of The In-Credibility Factor
Anyone who loved The Glass Castle will love Jo’s triumphant, and at times, bizarre and tragic childhood journey. She makes you laugh at the oddest moments – she has mastered black humor! Often you’ll desperately want to reach into the book and pull the feisty little 10 year old Jo-Ann away from her weird and dysfunctional parents and into the life she deserved.

She’s Laura Ingalls Wilder, Anne of Green Gables, Jo from Little Women and Annie Oakley all rolled into one. She’s my hero.

- Kim Duke, Amazon Best Selling Author of Ugly Baby: How To Get Over Fear and Give Birth To Your Odd, Idea Start A Business or Invent Something Cool
Honest, raw and uplifting, Jo Dibblee faces with courage what so many long to do, paving the way for each of us to examine the “frocks” we don to protect, hide, and ultimately reveal who we really are. With clarity, and a set of mature eyes, Jo examines each vignette, illuminating for herself and her readers a new truth. She models how to nurture the terrified

little one we each carry, how to heal the abused adolescent, how to move through the righteous anger of the young single mom and claim the wisdom that is the gift of maturity and allows us to show up as who we really are.

She delivers what she promises – an uplifting ending illustrating how all of our lives, even the toughest bits, can be seen to be purposeful and contributing to an authentic way of living if we are willing to look into our own mirrors with compassion and self love.

- Suze Casey MEd, Author of Belief Re-patterning: The Amazing Technique for Flipping the Switch to Positive Thoughts (Hay House 2012)
If you enjoyed Angela’s Ashes and The Glass Castle, you will LOVE ‘Frock Off!’. No one would blame author, Jo Dibblee if she curled up in a corner and decided that life was just too grueling to move on. At every turn, life dealt her one tragic turn of events after another (poverty, neglect, betrayal, abandonment and assault )… against all odds- she stands tall today in TRIUMPH over adversity. Inspired by her tenacity, motivated by her courage, I am determined to take action and deal with the ‘frocks’ in my life.

This book is a must read for anyone who needs a healthy dose of ‘hope’ in their life. After all, if we have hope- we can do anything!

- Kathleen D. Mailer, Founder/Editor-In-Chief of Today’s Businesswoman Magazine
An amazing read that left me believing anything is possible, our past is not our potential and we can all rise above the circumstances of our live’s if we allow others to love us and most importantly if we love our authentic self, and let that shine bright for others to experience. Thank you Jo for you willingness to be honest, vulnerable and Brave!
- Kathleen Seeley
Thank you Jo for sharing your powerful story. It’s so disturbing to read about your childhood but uplifting to know you survived and thrived. I hung on to every word and really didn’t want the book to end. You are very brave to share your story. I believe everyone can benefit from reading this book as it is about letting go of the past and living the life that you were born to live. I loved the humour – even at the darkest moments. This is an unbelievable story and I’m so happy that the author chose to share it with us.
- Cathy
There but for the grace of God go I. So glad you made it, Jo. You speak for the defenceless child in all of us.
- Christine Niemi
It is very well written, easy to read and besides all that she tells about my second cousin
who lost her live to soon.
- Isabelle Adams
All I can say is wow, what a journey life can be. I couldn’t put the book down, there were so many inspiring moments in this book, even in the darkest of humanity. I really liked the authentic conversation, once a day. It so important to look within, and ask yourself a few very important questions. Thank you for sharing your story Jo.
- Dacia Dailey
This is a story of tragedy and triumph ~ a compelling memoir filled with insights and inspiration! You will be spellbound as you share Jo’s journey ~ and you will vow never to hide your light under your frock again!
- Anne Miner Wain
Just finished reading Frock Off!. Wow, Jo Dibblee, thanks for sharing your story. My friends, if you haven’t read it yet, move it to the top of the pile. You won’t find a more open, authentic, judgement free account of a horrible life that has created a beautiful women. If you think you have struggles, let Jo show you how to get through them, and then rebuild your life into a work of art.
- Linda
You can choose to write a new chapter in your life, and that is exactly what Jo Diblee did. In Frock Off: Living Undisguised Jo artfully, honestly, and exquisitely shares her deepest, darkest secrets. She does so with such raw vulnerability, yet also in a matter of fact, light way. Jo has gifted us with a book of inspiration, to rise above the most painful of childhoods – a childhood filled with neglect, abandonment, abuse, and pain. To know Jo, is to love Jo. I love Jo even deeper than I ever did before, because she chose – with courage, and strength to take her frock off, and live frock free.
- Lee
I couldn’t put this book down. It has a tight writing style and written with such genuine character. I loved this book. Definitely have the kleenex near by. It is insightful and was very meaningful to me in illuminating my own journey. I am sure it will be this way for many others. And just as you reach for the kleenex she will make you laugh. I highly recommend this book.
- Rosemary Bruus
Jo is one of those people that I looked at as having an easy life and having it all. I had met Jo when she was director for ewomen network. She is one of those people who is giving, friendly and a cheerleader for you. And then I read Frock Off and I couldn’t put it down. I read it all in one night. This is raw, open and so real. In a highly dysfunctional family, Jo was the glue that held that family together even from a young age. When the adults are children, the children need to be adults. Her tenacity in fighting off a sexual attack from a then unknown predator and killer and not being able to share that with anyone shows her strength and street smarts. Jo’s courage in “unfrocking” will be an inspiration to many who have experienced this in their life to “frock off” and free themselves. We never really know what someone’s story has been. I am even more proud now to know Jo.
- Eileen Head
This book, this story, this woman are all remarkable. That one young girl and then woman could overcome the endless trauma and challenge is amazing. That Jo could not only overcome but TRIUMPH is a true testament to her spirit and ability to transcend the human condition. This story provides inspiration, hope and a road map to other women who have had their own stories of pain and tragedy. I strongly urge you to read this book and let the story envelop you and then take inspired action because if Jo-Ann can transform something of this magnitude into the life she now lives – then we can too!
- Cheryl Cran
Wow! You’ll laugh, cry, be inspired and change your life. Jo Dibblee is simply brilliant. A truly moving story of survival, hope and strength. Can’t wait to see the movie!
- Teresa de Grosbois

Frock Off is a memoir about the power of blind optimism in the face of adversity, abject poverty, tragedy, neglect, rejection, assault and betrayal.
Frock Off

About the Author Jo Dibblee was her mother’s first born and her father’s tenth. Born in Fort St., John British Columbia, she grew up on the move...
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Community & Causes Our mission is to ensure we impact our community by creating a safe place to remove frocks and live the life intended.

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